Your guide to being happier, healthier and more concious.

My Mission

I set up MyGoodnessGuru to provide clarity in a world overloaded with information. With so much conflicting advice and recommendations out there, it is much harder than it should be to make simple, positive choices every-day for your benefit. 

Who has got the patience to fact-check and validate arguments on both sides before making a purchase or a lifestyle choice? Well, lucky for you – I do. 

My aim is to provide insightful, interesting articles on topics that can encourage positive choices. And by positive, I mean ones that can help you be happier, healthier and more informed. Each blog post will provide bite-sized tips and tricks that can contribute to your holistic health and wellness.

On the topic of holistic health and wellness, you tend to find a mixture of science based, thoroughly researched sound advice and airy-fairy nonsense about how hugging precious gemstones at night will cure your back-pain. Rather than pedalling extreme or fantastical views on either side – this blog is about creating a sense of balance for readers and allowing you to make up your own minds about what works for you.

Calling my blog MyGoodnessGuru doesn’t mean that I am claiming to be all powerful and all knowing – certainly not. I welcome comments and feedback to further expand our collective consciousness and keep knowledge up to date.

My passion and life-long learning journey has been centred around health, well-being, nutrition and FOOD! So from my blog you can expect to find everything from tips for stress management, healthy and flavoursome recipes, product reviews and articles about the latest wellness trends.

More than anything else, I hope you will learn something new here that you didn’t know yesterday. I hope that you can break down complicated theories – into one small positive step that can change your life for the better. A spoonful of goodness 🙂

How it started

I started this blog during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Watching chaos and panic unfold around the world – driven by an invisible killer no one saw coming – helped me to further realise the importance of clarity of thought. If all we see is negativity and an overload of conflicting information, people start to feel more lost and helpless than ever. Amongst a feed of the dramatised journalism there is a place for content with no ulterior motive other than helping you! Whilst we can’t control what happens around us, we can all control how we choose to react.