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30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 30

Last day of the challenge!

1 hour Catmefan Vinyasa Flow

So the final day of the 30 day yoga challenge has arrived. I have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating yoga into my daily life and experienced so many benefits in mind and body. I will do a full blog article later on to provide a detailed review of the changes I have seen and felt, including how my metrics have changed in terms of body fat and muscle composition.

For my last video of the challenge I decided to go for a 1 hour session of the classic yoga we all know and love. Vinyasa flow is what you will most likely do, in a regular yoga class as a gym or yoga studio. And for good reason! Vinyasa flow let’s you enjoy the flowing movements as you transition from one pose to another in a rhythmical style, focussing on your breath as you go. This workout will give you lots of lovely stretching sensations, fill your body with heat, test your balance and build your strength all in one. Nothing new or too challenging here – but if you want to take it a step further Cat gives some options to incorporate more challenging poses if you wish to. 1 hour of yoga a day is a good amount of time to work to for daily practice, especially if yoga is your main form of exercise.

As this challenge ends, I plan to keep up daily yoga and incorporate some further muscle work as a new routine to build muscle and strength. This week I started incorporating some additional exercises into my sessions, by following up with bodyweight exercises such as crunches, hip thrusts, squats, Russian twists and a few more. This is a great way of getting the benefits of the gym at home with no equipment except your matt.  


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