30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 29

Yoga for the morning, noon and night!

Today I wanted to try out 3 shorter yoga sessions for the morning, noon and night – so see how this compared to one longer session. You may find this easier to fit into your schedule, or enjoy the sensation of waking up your body in the morning, topping up your energy levels midday and winding down in the evening.

Morning session:

Yoga with Adriene: Sunrise Yoga – 15 min Morning Yoga Practice

For the first time during this challenge, I tried out a specific yoga practice tailored to helping you start your day right. This class by Adriene is the perfect pace and will stretch you out nicely. A classic combination of yoga poses flowing together, is what you can expect from this sunrise yoga practice. Try out morning yoga for yourself to feel energised in body and calm in mind for the day ahead.

Lunchtime lift:

Yoga with Adriene: Power Yoga, 45 minutes

Ready to burn some calories before lunch? Try a Power Yoga class to get the heart rate up. This one from Adriene is one of my go-to yoga videos. I like the variation of flows that give your whole body a workout. It also includes surprise and challenge by including a few sets of jumping jacks and squats. If you can’t squeeze a 45 minute workout into your lunch break (with time leftover to eat as well!) you can always substitute with a 15 or 30 minute power yoga class instead.

Evening wind-down:

Jessica Richburg: 20 minute evening Yoga Flow: Daily routine to relax and unwind

When we have stressful or busy days it can be hard to switch off before bed. When this happens, sleep is often disrupted or it is difficult to fall asleep at all. We are all guilty following a busy day, of spending the evening crashed out in-front of the TV,  or fixed to our phones. But when we do this, we are keeping our minds busy and cluttered, rather than clearing them out and helping us to press the reset button. With an evening yoga practice you are allowing yourself some me-time, some quiet time. We invite ourselves to let go of the day thus far and truly relax and unwind. That’s why I picked this class – it’s nice and slow, with a series deep stretch poses that will feel so good at the end of the day. Exactly what you need from an evening yoga practice. Perhaps meditation is more your thing? However you choose to relax, make sure to make it a priority. A clear mind and a good night sleep tonight, will do wonders for your productivity tomorrow. 

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