30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 28

FightMaster Yoga: Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Weight Loss

Today we are keeping up the faster tempo, but with one longer workout. FightMaster describes this practice as a HIT style yoga class as you will do a series of fast moving flows in between resting poses. It is hard to keep up on a few sections – especially if you feel a need to check in with the TV to see what you should be doing! It might be a good idea to watch the faster sequence through once before doing it yourself.

This is a full body workout that will help you build strength and burn calories. The full range of motion will feel so good after a day sitting at a desk. For me, this is what’s great about yoga. It feels like I can unravel the tightness in my body and prevent any stiffness and pain. One thing I know for sure after doing this challenge, is that yoga will become regular part of my routine for good now. 

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