3 Upper Body Yoga Workout Videos

Boho Beautiful: Yoga Workout, Better than the Gym, Abs & Core

So after a few lower body/butt workouts – we move onto the lower body. We will also be shaking it up with a few examples of ‘yoga workouts’ as in – taking things up a level to resemble something a little closer to a gym workout. The perfect compromise with the gyms closed, but still delivering a yoga-based exercise routine. In this blog I will share 3 short videos that will work your core and arms. Don’t be fooled by their short duration – you will be working very hard!

With this first video from BohoBeautiful you can except to be sweating after a few minutes and begging to make it stop! Enjoy that burn. Lovers of HIT workouts will favour videos like these due to the power and speed combination. A great ab and upper body blast. Expect lots of plank variations, lunges and arm and leg raises from table top position.

Ready for more?

SarahBethYoga: 10 minute power yoga workout: Quick arms & Abs

Don’t put those abs too sleep just yet. You will be working them again in this video. But the good news is, it is only 10 minutes and you will be working your arms too. This one is slower paced than the first and broken up with lots of child’s pose. You can expect to be doing yet more planks but modified with the knees down to put more focus on the arms than the core. In this video you will get the chance to practice your ‘hopping’ which I actually found really fun. You will feel this one working with a nice reassuring ache/burn in your arms afterwards.

BohoBeautiful: 5 minute workout for toning: How to loose arm fat

Now this is not strictly yoga. But it is delivered by a Yoga Youtube favourite BohoBeautiful – and as she mentions, it will help strengthen the arms to improve your yoga ability. Plus, I spotted this whilst looking for videos and thought it would be a great one to share. I have done similar short arm workouts and could not believe how much they hurt so quickly! You will know 100% this workout is building those muscles. Trust me, 5 minutes with this exercise is enough! This would be a great short video to do everyday if you want to tone your arms. Who needs weights with workouts like this?

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