30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 26

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for your Butt and Thighs: 30 minutes

Today we are keeping the theme of working the lower body – in particular the butt! Why so many butt focussed videos you might be wondering? Well 26 days into my challenge now – I am amazed by the differences I have seen in my body. I noticed a new muscle at the top of my arm (part of my lower shoulder) that I have never seen to become visible before in my life. My arms, upper body and stomach are looking toned and strong. My legs are also looking more toned particularly in the calf’s.

But naturally, I have a pear shaped figure. I have a big butt and bigger thighs and hips. This is where I carry my weight. So to tone up and trim these areas – I am keen to try a few more workouts that focus on the lower body. Hopefully, I will see some of the same results I have for my upper body and stomach. If you have different target areas – you can switch up your practice with yoga videos specific to your body shape..

With this video, Adriene will get you doing lots of variation of lunges, forward folds and leg raises to get your heart rate up and feel the burn. Enjoy!

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