30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 25

Shona Vertue: Yoga for the butt: 40 minute Dynamic Yoga 

This yoga video is all about working the butt! The great thing about yoga is that there are so many variations of classes to match the muscle groups you want to target. This video was from an instructor I have never come across before – Shona Vertue. It is a totally different style of video from anything that I have posted before. The instructor is fun and a bit silly which you will see as soon as you press play. More of a classic ‘youtuber’ vibe – you will either love or hate this video. Perhaps you are more clined to the chilled out style of Boho beautiful or FightMaster. I went from initial scepticism whether this video would include ‘real’ yoga – to enjoying the energy and enthusiasm the instructor gave to the practice. To my surprise, other than a few specific gym style bum workouts – the rest was filled with yoga flows and poses that we have all come to recognise.

This is a great video if you want to feel the burn in the glutes but still get all the amazing feelings and benefits that a classic yoga class will bring. With gyms still closed here in the UK – it was great session to get those post-gym feeling when you have worked your lower body. 

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