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30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 24

Kino Yoga: One Hour Yoga Strength and Flexibility

Saturday means some extra time for a longer yoga workout. One of the hardest parts of sticking to an exercise routine is often fitting it in around your life. For me, weekends are a great time to give yourself a little more ‘me’ time and prioritise exercise and fitness. Otherwise it might require a change of routine – either getting up a little earlier or using your lunch breaks to exercise. What matters is that you find something that works for you and you can stick to.

So this is a first from the KinoYoga. KinoYoga channel has a wide range of yoga classes including a pose encyclopaedia. I would highly recommend watching tutorial videos dedicated to showing you individual poses in detail, as they help ensure you are getting your form right. I did this recently with forward fold, as I sometimes didn’t know which muscles to focus on and was worried I was slouching. Doing the tutorial video I now understand exactly how to position my body before folding, to bend from the hips and bend the knees when you need to. Before I was obsessing that I needed to have straight legs even if that meant losing the correct positioning of my back.

This class is quite different from any I have done previously so far. You can expect to hold poses for long periods of time. This is challenging for the muscles and will test your strength. The video focuses on holding a series of poses and switching up with a flow of plank, chaturanga, upward dog to downward dog in between. Without a doubt, this was the most advanced yet of the practices I have done. It includes Grasshopper pose (I could barely attempt this), forearm stand and shoulder stand. 70% of the class is suitable for beginner/intermediate level with the rest pushing your limits and only achievable for advanced yogis. Overall I enjoyed it and just accepted that it will take a while to get to the advanced poses – but great to get some inspiration!


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