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Cat Meffan: 40 minute Power Yoga: Intermediate Level 

I kept changing on my mind about whether to go for this workout as it had intermediate in the title. But eventually I decided to just give it a go. I am glad I did as whilst it does provide challenge there is nothing too scary in here. Well there is a headstand – but just skip it or take baby steps. If you look at advanced poses like this and feel that you are so far away – that’s OK. I looked into it and it can take years of daily practice to achieve headstands and full splits. If getting to this level is really important to you – you will need to put some serious work and dedication in.

Achieving the really challenging poses isn’t what yoga is all about. I would much prefer to perfect the standard poses – like being able to forward fold with completely straight legs,  hold balance postures with no shake or hold plank pose for extended periods of time. These are more important measures of increased strength and flexibility for me. Everyone is different – so set your own goals to work towards them over time. 

This is another Power yoga video which means you can expect flowing faster paced movements working your whole body. A perfect workout to incorporate 3-4 times a week to continually build muscle and lose calories.


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