30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 22

Boho Beautiful: Yoga for Flexibility to achieve splits 30 minutes

Ready for a real challenge? Already very bendy? Then try this one out. If you are a beginner however, or get intimidated by the word splits – skip this one. Just for the record – I can’t do splits. I am far from it. But I like the idea of increasing my flexibility. I didn’t go into this workout expecting to be able to achieve a full split, I went into it knowing I would only go as far as my body would allow. If you have the same mindset you will be OK with this practice.

Seeing the Boho lady in full split did make me quite envious. This woman is like a piece of rubber! Just shows what yoga can do if you really commit to it. Most of the poses in this workout are challenging. Only those at intermediate to advanced will be able to mirror the positions shown on the video. Just focus on your version, what feels good for you. There is a section where the instructor stays in split for quite a long time – you may wish to use this time for yourself to do some poses your body is craving. This workout is for those focused on flexibility rather than strength and weight loss. So if you want a more up-tempo workout this isn’t for you.

I took a shorter practice today as I had took a few short yoga sessions both before and after. Not following a video, but just a combination of flows that I have come to enjoy during this challenge. I particularly like the Vinyasa plank to chaturanga to upward dog to downward dog. I then follow this up with knee to nose in plank multiple times to work the core. This combination you can do slow or at speed to work up a sweat. 

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