Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Strength 40 minute Vinyasa sequence

Monday you are back again. I always find it hardest to get to my matt on a Monday. Especially after a busy day. Today I had a long day at work followed by constructing some flat pack furniture for my home office, so I was pretty knackered when it got to the evening. I had to force myself to roll out my yoga matt and find a yoga video to put on the television. But as always in these situations – I am so glad I did.

After just finishing the practice I feel a lovely deep sense of relaxation and warming buzz through my body. Isn’t that a amazing feeling? I do think when we feel least like doing yoga is when we need it most. I’ve also done my class much later than usual. As a rule I would never do yoga after the last meal of the day. It would either be morning, afternoon or early evening before dinner. But I must admit, whilst it may take more motivation to do yoga later on in the evening, it is quite nice to use the practice as a way to switch off from the day. I have an urge to cuddle up in bed now and go to sleep! That makes two realisations I have had now from doing yoga in the morning and evening – it is a great way to start and end your day. Perhaps the perfect routine is to do morning and evening sessions.

Now back to the video of the day. Another feature from Yoga with Adriene (I love her as you can tell). I picked a second yoga for strength class as I particularly enjoyed the last one from Cat Meffan. I also picked it because I really value the process of building strength and the feeling it gives you when you notice progress. This is a great class with all the classic yoga poses using all the muscles in your body and working on your balance. I enjoyed the flow of movements in this class making it really enjoyable. It includes a chance to test your crow pose. I got quite excited because for the first time ever I managed to lift both feet – even if it was only for a couple of seconds. That’s why you need to keep going! Even the poses you think you will never be able to do, or feel super tough at first – can be achieved with practice. Some maybe you will never do, but that’s OK too. Everyone’s body is a different shape and different make-up and progress in yoga is unique to you.


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