30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 17

Power Yoga & Ab workout

Boho Beautiful: Vinyasa Power Flow Class 20 minute Yoga 

Today I am sharing two videos with you. Both of which follow on the theme of providing challenge and pushing yourself more and more as you move through the 30 day challenge. First up, is Boho Beautiful with a Power Yoga class. Check out that backdrop! That is the life I dream of – doing yoga in some baggy trousers with elephants grazing in the background. Tough job right?! If you are not too distracted by the beautiful elephants and can focus on the video it is a good example of a power yoga flow. Don’t worry if you cant take the poses as far as the instructor here – she is extremely advanced. It has a good variation of poses so that you are working the whole body – but I would say this one is a little more focussed on the legs and core. It is suitable for beginners but does have a few more difficult poses here and there.

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Abdominal Wall. 14 minute Core practice 

Next up, time to work the core. As the first session was only 20 minutes I wanted to follow up with a second workout on a specific area. Today I went for the abs. This short video from Yoga with Adriene is a great short snappy ab workout that is over in no time.

Ab workouts and back pain

One thing I have often struggled with when doing abs – is lower back pain. I often feel like my back is working harder than my stomach in these exercises. When doing ab focussed practices like this – the key is to ensure that your form is correct. This requires a bit of adjustment sometimes and mind muscle connection. One thing to check in on – is your hips. Make sure that your tailbone (hips) are tucked under, drawing your belly button towards your spine. I personally find this tough because you can get confused between drawing your belly in and holding your breath. The latter you shouldn’t be doing as you should try to maintain deep breathing throughout your practice. Another thing to check in on some poses is that your lower back remains stuck to the floor. If you feel it lifting off you are going to put pressure on your back.

Pain in the back when doing abs can be a sign that your core just isn’t strong enough yet for the exercise. And that’s OK if it is the case. You should try gentler exercises to begin with that put less pressure on the back. If you still feel pain even after you have corrected your form it is probably best to switch to a more gentle core exercise.

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