30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 15

FightMaster Yoga: 45 minute Hatha Yoga (Detox, Twist and Feel Good)

Time to take your yoga practice further with a longer session – increasing to 45 minutes. Whilst this seems like a long time, I hardly noticed the difference between a 30 minute and a 45 minute session. When you are in the zone and the moves feel good, yoga doesn’t feel like a chore you just need to get through, it becomes a part of your day you enjoy. This Hatha yoga class from Fightmaster, is an excellent full body workout that will build strength and flexibility with added detox benefits from the twists. It will create heat throughout your body and make you shake in some poses – but this is good! This means you are working hard and getting stronger. 

Speaking of getting stronger, I noticed another change in my body today after only 15 days of yoga. As well as definition in my stomach muscles, I can also now see visible changes to my biceps. Getting toned arms has always been a key target of mine – but one I have found difficult to achieve. It seems crazy to a lot of people that you really don’t need to use weights to build muscle and get a toned physique – but now I have proof that you don’t! If you are following along with a 30 day yoga challenge, you too should start to see differences in your body shape as you get stronger. It shows that all you need is your own body weight – equipment isn’t necessary. Sure – if you want to get big and hench very quickly – doing weights will always be the most effective. But should that be our goal? It all depends what your body shape ideal is. For me, I love a yogi figure. Lean, strong and shapely. 

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