30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 14

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for core and booty – 30 minutes

A Monday workout needs to kick the week off with a challenge for the body! So I picked a yoga class that would work my muscles and make me break a sweat. This is a great video from Adriene to do just that. It starts off with some twists and a yoga flow to warm the body up and flex it out. Then it moves into a series of squats to really work the booty and legs (you will feel the burn by the end of this!). A great video if yoga is your main form of exercise and you are hoping to tone the body and lose some weight. Give this one a go!

Monday also calls for a weekly check on my progress. After 2 weeks of yoga as my main form of exercise (and not really much else other than the occasional walk) and not focussing on cutting calories, I had lost just over a pound in weight (0.5kg). Additionally my visceral fat had gone down (-1) to pre-lockdown levels, body fat had decreased (-0.2) and skeletal muscle had increased (+0.1). These are promising results, and I hope to see more of the same as the weeks go on!

To up the game for my final 2 weeks of the challenge – I now aim to do longer classes and practice more often (twice a day a few times a week). I will also try to incorporate some positive diet changes such as reducing treats and eating healthier meals throughout the week.

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