30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 12

Cat Meffan: Power Yoga Intermediate 30 minutes

Today is the first of our intermediate graded classes. If you are working to this level Cat Meffan is a great Youtuber to follow as she offers a lot of the more advanced classes. I wasn’t sure if this class would be too much for me as I can by no means do advanced poses yet, but I wanted to challenge myself to go a little further with my practice today – even if it meant falling over and failing a few times.

If you have been doing yoga for a little while and feel ready to challenge yourself a bit more – this is a great class. It was the right level of challenge for me. It does include some headstand and handstand variations (I am nowhere near close to doing either of these, so don’t worry if you aren’t either. The good thing is you can adjust to the level you are at – e.g with handstand just try doing a few kick ups, with the headstand variation in this video you can just stay in forward fold).

This is also a power yoga class – which means you will be working harder. Power yoga is great if your objectives are to build strength, tone and lose weight. This practice will leave you sweating and feeling like you have really worked hard. I would recommend doing power yoga classes at least 3 times a week if yoga is your main form of exercise as it will get the heart rate going and burn those calories! 

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