30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 11

Boho Beautiful: Detox yoga for weight loss and digestion 23 minutes

Happy Friday! It is horrible and rainy again here in England. On days like this, yoga is a welcome relief to help get back to a positive place with positive energy. Today it was time for another BohoBeautiful video. I was really excited by this considering how much I enjoyed the last one from this Youtube channel. From all the videos I have done so far, it was the last BohoBeautiful practice that had the most dramatic impact afterwards – as it left me feeling full of energy and revitalised. 

And the second BohoBeautiful video did not disappoint. Again I was left with an energy buzzing through my body and feeling of complete inner peace after the practice. I don’t know what it is with these guys! But they seem to work perfectly for me. This video included the same winning combination of a stunning background and calming music. This together with the instructors lovely soothing voice over the top you can drift away again for just over 20 minutes. Although, vs the last video I have to say this one is certainly more challenging. I was very wobbly in a lot of the poses and struggled to hold some positions for the full time or with extended legs for example. Not really a beginner video, but moving towards intermediate (unless you are naturally very flexible!). When doing the plow pose and returning to flat back position I initially felt an ache in my back – likely because this is not a pose I do very often and a more challenging stretch for the back. But this pain was only temporary and was replaced by a really satisfying feeling of release. Plow pose is known for its’ benefits to relieve back pain and now I can really see why.

This is a great video to add to your yoga schedule as it adds some variety focussing primarily on twisting movements. Twists are heavily included as this practice is focussed on improving digestion. How does twisting help with digestion I hear you ask? When you twist you are compressing your digestive organs which slows down circulation temporarily. When you later release the twist, there is a rush of flesh blood through your digestive organs. When this happens, fresh oxygen and nutrients to rush through with it. By increasing blood flow to the digestive organs, twisting helps to increase their ability to function. This process can also serve as a detox. When blood fresh blood is re-introduced to your abdominal organs it can help cleanse the cells of any built up waste via increased cellular detoxification. So not only are you working your body and relaxing your mind with yoga – you are getting a mini detox too. The reasons for doing yoga are endless! 

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