PsycheTruth: Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief, Sciatica, Neck Pain & Flexibility

Today I changed up my agenda to find a workout that would give my body what it needed. Don’t forget – this is what yoga should really be about. What I realise the more I practice, is how much more in touch with my body I have become from doing yoga on a regular basis. Body awareness is just one of the benefits you will experience from doing a 30 day yoga challenge. You will find yourself doing a quick child’s pose when you feel some tension in your back, or a downward facing dog before bed to stretch out your body. Yoga classes and videos are great for helping you to build a self-care toolkit. Once it is filled, you will be able to use the right tool to fix the problem. Or you will be able to find the right routine to match the need.

I woke up today with some pain in my back. This is because I have spent far too much time sitting down the last few days. Very bad for the body! My excuse? I have been revising for an exam for some extra qualifications, stuck to my sofa and dining room chair for hours on end. That and the fact the typical English weather has returned after such a long and beautiful period of sunshine – making going outdoors far less appealing. So I decided to find a suitable yoga class to address the pain in my back and neck so I could get back on track.

PsycheTruth is a really popular yoga Youtube channel with videos from all different instructors in one place. They also have videos on other holistic health and wellness topics including nutrition, massage and reflexology. You will see from the start of this video this is a little bit more than just a yoga video – you are been given tips and advice throughout about how to prevent back pain – this is a nice touch. This practice is slow paced and based almost entirely on stretches. So you won’t get any flowing movements and certainly won’t break a sweat. But that wasn’t the focus today. Today was about resetting the body and releasing tension where it was caught. For that, this class worked great. My only criticism is that it could have included a bit more variation and additional poses. This video isn’t going to be one added to any 30 day challenge or workout routine for weight loss / body toning – but it is a great example of a class to try out when you need it. Another example of ‘needs-based’ practices would be a ‘Yoga for stress relief’ or ‘Yoga for energy’ video.

But hopefully that’s as much slowing down as I need to do for now. Tomorrow, it will be back to some more intense workouts to keep challenging the body and shape up for summer! 

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