Ekhart Yoga: Heart opening 30 minutes

So first I have to say sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I did want to make this challenge to be Yoga everyday for 30 days – but I have to admit I missed one. We had friends come over for the first time since we have been allowed to meet with other households under lockdown rules. It was amazing to see our friends (socially distanced of course!) who we actually hadn’t seen since before Christmas. So my bad, I broke my challenge. I will make up for it by still doing the rest as planned and adding in some extra sessions as I progress. Plus, if you set yourself a challenge and you absolutely have to break it, don’t give up and use it as an excuse to quit – keep going!

If you are doing yoga as your main exercise and are hoping to lose weight, I would recommend to increase exercise overall to achieve that goal too. Unless you are going hard on cutting calories in your diet. Whilst diet will have the single biggest impact on how much weight you lose, a healthier way to drop pounds is to do it slowly – don’t put yourself through the pain of starving yourself and doing some fad diet. Instead eat healthy, but keep your snacks and portions under control and make exercise a core part of your strategy. Yoga can be that exercise, but for best results compliment it with some aerobic exercise that works for you whether that’s hiking/walking/cycling/running – especially you find yourself sitting around a lot during this time. I know myself this is something I need to improve on.

But anyway, back to Yoga. So Ekart Yoga was one of the Youtube channels recommended in various blogs. The one I picked was one of her older classes and was called ‘Heart opening’ I couldn’t really imagine what this meant for a class – so have it a go to uncover the mystery! So it turns out it is a very standard yoga class with all the classic poses – but focussed on movement to open the chest. It works the upper body and stretches out the whole area including back. Good for beginners as the instructor talks through the pose really well to make sure you apply pressure in the right places and there are no challenging poses.

I think I probably didn’t pick one of the best videos from Ekhart Yoga as she has now produced many more modern looking practices so I will try some of her most recent to make a better assessment. But either way, this is a good practice for when you are feeling tightness in the chest area and want a slower paced workout that will build strength. 

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