30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 6

Cat Meffan: Yoga for toned bums: 30 minute yoga flow 

Some of you may not have come across Cat Meffan before, she is our first British yoga instructor of the challenge! All of the most famous yoga youtubers tend to be American. I originally came over Cat Meffan from her Instagram, where she would often demonstrate some of the really advanced yoga poses. She does cater for intermediate and advanced yogis with her videos but also has a lot of beginner classes. I have done a few of her classes before and most are a step up in terms of difficulty, so she is a good go to when you are looking to move to the next stage. Seeing her amazing figure is enough to motivate anyone to do yoga and keep advancing! 

So this class was all about the bum! It was a really good class I really enjoyed it. It had the right mix of yoga to stretch out and warm up and exercises to work the legs and butt. It was challenging enough to feel the burn, but not too much to make you want to give up! As this yoga challenge is all about seeing the impact on body shape and weight loss – this is a great practice to work towards that. If losing weight and getting toned is your number 1 priority – I would recommend doing a class like this a few times a week – perhaps a 2nd workout of the day. With lockdown right now keeping the gym doors closed, this is a great replacement for leg and bum day. 

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