30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 5

Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Weight loss, Healthy Energy Flow: 36 minutes

So today, I really didn’t feel like doing yoga – or anything for that matter. I had been out for the whole day yesterday running errands and spending over 5 hours in the car, which had left me feeling really icky today. Despite the fact I only had one glass of wine yesterday I also felt hungover for some reason – think my whole body was just tired. 

At times like this, you don’t feel like doing any exercise – but because I was on a challenge, there was no way I was letting myself down 😉 (that’s the beauty of setting yourself a challenge right? You are way less likely to give up!).

So I checked my list and today was another Yoga with Adriene video – Yoga for weight loss, healthy energy flow. Urgh, I let a sigh out when I read this. I wasn’t sure I could handle anything too high intensity! But I plucked up the energy to get to the mat and give it a go.

To my surprise (and delight!) this workout was not high intensity. It actually starts off super slow, relaxing into the practice and is followed by a series of slow, flowing movements. It is a great workout when you want to cover off all the classic yoga poses – vinyasa, half splits, cat/cow, forward fold, triangle etc. There were no surprising or unusual poses and other than a small section of ab workout towards the end – it wasn’t in any way a practice that you would expect to be called yoga for weight loss. I think Adriene needs to rename this one. What it was good for, was unravelling the body from tension. I liked how flowing the movements were, it was very graceful and smooth and felt really good. Very quickly I had forgotten how shitty I had been feeling only a few moments before and was so happy to have forced myself onto the mat today. 

Would I add this to my recommended yoga video list? Yeah I guess. It was a good all-rounder. Potentially could be a bit samey to other workouts so not one if you are looking for a video to challenge and add variation. But nonetheless a good workout if you are in the mood for some good classic yoga poses with a little bit of ab work. It’s actually the ideal workout if you are feeling a bit rubbish as it clearly had a positive effect on my body and mind today and helped to release the stiffness of 5 hours spent in a car!

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