30 DAYS OF YOGA: Day 4

Morning yoga session

Sarah Beth Yoga: Full Body Yoga Workout – Strength and Tone – 30 minutes

So today I was going to be out all day and needed to get up early to get my Yoga session in. I considered doing a specific ‘Morning Yoga’ or ‘Wake-up Yoga’ video, as there are lots of them out there. However, as this was going to be my one workout of the day I wanted to make sure it was a full and challenging workout. All the morning yoga videos tend to be a bit shorter and (I assume) are a little slower to ease you into the day? One to try another time to put the theory to the test. 

On the agenda for today was Sarah Beth Yoga. Another very popular well established Youtuber, who I had never watched before. This workout was a full body workout – to help strength and tone the body. This was a totally different vibe from yesterdays video, but great for people looking for a workout that incorporates a lot of strength building exercises for core and arms. You can expect to be holding plank position for extended periods, variations of push ups, ab work and leg raises. But it is still very much Yoga – so it is a great blend of stretching and working the muscles. No challenging poses here that require you to be an advanced yogi – and if you are used to regular aerobic workout classes and Pilates you may find this easier as it incorporates some common exercises.

Overall, I would say that this is a solid video to add to your yoga collection as it adds variation – which is always good to work your whole body and not get too complacent. What I also liked is that she really explains each of the poses in a simple way that helps you get the correct posture and pose. Beginners will appreciate this, who may feel they need a little more instruction to make sure you are doing things right.

How does it feel doing Yoga in the morning?

It definitely felt tougher at first, as your body hasn’t woken up yet. But the benefit is how you feel after. For me, yoga is like meditating. It declutters your mind for whatever is ahead of you that day and gives you a sense of clarity. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with meditation – something about sitting there quietly ‘not thinking’ is a bit odd. I struggle to find myself the time and motivation to do it – even though I am 100% sure it has great benefits for those that can. But with yoga, I can focus on my body and what I am doing, and this gives me the same mental clarity that is advocated in meditation. Just do what works for you. Because of this side effect, I can really see why doing yoga in the morning is a great idea (I usually practice mid-late afternoon). So I can totally see why there are lots of ‘Morning Yoga’ videos out there now – so during the rest of this challenge I will try out a few of them out, and let you know which I recommend.

Already in this challenge I am noticing a difference incorporating yoga every day. Most noticeably is my ability to focus and get things done. I read about this from a girl who did the same challenge and recorded the exact same thing. When she looked back over her 30 days she said she had achieved more than she had the whole prior year. I am seeing how this could be true for sure – I’m on top of everything, finding time to study and do a course and not procrastinating and wasting time as much. Then there is the fact that my body feels great and my energy levels are higher. So far, so good – and its only day 4! 

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